Reduce disposable plastic by using an eco friendly razor.




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  • The Trial Set includes a Plastic Free Razor, a protective razor stand, 15 safety razor blades and some tips on getting the most from your new razor.
  • Get rid of shaving rash! Drop the multi-blade razor and start using a single blade. More blades just means more friction which causes more irritation.
  • Shaving for one year can cost from as little as £20 for 50 blades!
  • Join 80% of people in cutting back on your plastic waste. Unlike multi-blade cartridges, we use no throw away plastic!

The Trial Set

  • Safety razor blades cost a fraction of the price of cartridge blades. We sell a years supply of blades for just £20. Depending on the brand you're using and how often you shave, you can save nearly £200 per year by using our razor and blades.

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